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Zoo advisors are an integral part of everything that a zoo management company does. At Worldwide Zoo, we don’t see animal facilities as just a place where people can go to look at both land and marine animals: We see animals as ambassadors for their species because they teach visitors about the unique and amazing qualities of wildlife and in so doing, motivate visitors to want to take action to protect the same species in the wild. 

Scientists have predicted that we may be entering into the sixth mass extinction, with the Living Planet Report 2016 ( published by the World Wide Fund For Nature – WWF) backing their estimation: As many as 30-50% of all species could go extinct by 2050 due to threats such as habitat loss, the clearing of land for agriculture, the illegal wildlife trade, and the killing of animals for bushmeat. 

Eye-opening statistics such as these make the importance of zoo advisors all the more relevant: By partnering with facilities that are planning or already to house animals and engage the public with wildlife, we can ensure that the commitment to conservation and education is maintained. The importance of the impact that this commitment can have is impossible to ignore:

“There is a building foundation of science about people and animal interactions demonstrating that coming face-to-face with a live animal, being able to touch, smell or watch a live animal creates an emotional or visceral response that can be measured: A more powerful response than created from movies, the classroom or videos.” ( Bill Ziegler, WAZA News, March 2017, The Relevancy of a Zoo or Aquarium visit, Results of Surveys of Guests at the Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo, Geneva, Switzerland).

If, like us, you’re motivated by conservation and looking to advance your mission, increase your impact, and grow sustainably, get in touch! Our zoo advisors guide you on the way forward on everything from strategic planning and business development to program assessment and feasibility studies.

We can work together to play a significant role in the happiness, health, and freedom of all animals. Both for people who may never have the time/finances to see animals in the wild, but also for future generations who may never get to see them at all. 

As one of the best Zoo advisors, Worldwide Zoo is your best choice
In the world, we provide you with the best zoo consulting services and Aquarium management.


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