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Aquarium Design

At Worldwide Zoo Consultants LLC, we take a lot of factors – and more – into every aquarium design we participate in.Whereas According to key principles of Feng Shui, when an aquarium is placed into a room it attracts positive energy into a place. This is because an aquarium incorporates all five elements of water (either fresh or saltwater), wood (in the form of plants and/or driftwood), metal ( the steel structure it’s built around), earth (the sand bottom), and fire (the bright colours of the fish, and the lighting used). 

As with most projects, the aquarium design that you choose will mostly depend on personal preference, objective, budget, and the amount of allocated space that is available. That being said, the importance of visual communication remains the same regardless: This gives the visual cues relating to the message that the aquarium itself seeks to portray.

Best Aquarium Design

For example, is its function purely decorative or more focused towards environmental awareness and education?

Some of the most common aquarium design themes include:

  • Minimalist Freshwater Hardscape: This type of design is ideal for those on a budget as it’s not very costly and doesn’t take a lot of time in terms of upkeep. It uses a lot of driftwood and interesting rock features – but no plants – and houses fish such as goldfish and cichlids which are also very low maintenance 
  • Freshwater Planted Aquariums:  For those who love colour and aquatic plants, this type of aquarium is becoming increasingly popular. While the range and diversity of the plants does require some pruning, maintenance and landscaping, they provide an incredibly relaxing effect to rooms that they are installed in
  • Paludariums / Aqua Terrariums: Sometimes referred to as ‘ green wall aquariums’, this type of installation typically takes up the length of an entire wall and is filled with tropical fish, as well as a range of different plants and mosses 
  • Saltwater Fish & Live Coral: These allow for a greater variety of aquatic species, but is more costly and requires a lot of maintenance. Not only do levels of salt, minerals, and light need to be maintained more rigorously when incorporating live corals into an aquarium, but they also require careful consideration, experience, and expertise to be kept healthy
  • Jellyfish Aquariums: Advances in technology have meant that what was once restricted to the larger public domain is now more accessible to smaller enterprises and private enthusiasts

These different types of aquarium design don’t even take into account shapes and styles (e.g. cylindrical shapes, room dividers, in-wall); the types of material to use (e.g. transparent windows in glass vs. acrylic); the space & location of the filtration system, or the cabinet considerations.

All of these different themes, factors and considerations can be a lot to take in, and choices can become overwhelming. Which is why we’re so good at what we do: Our team of experts takes all the mind-boggling factors into consideration for you, and streamlines options for bespoke aquarium design.

Better still, we take it one step further and provide the expertise needed to ensure that everything from design to implementation and after-care is taken care of too! 


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