Zoo Consulting Services

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Zoo Consulting Services

Depending on what your requirements, capabilities, and experiences are; engaging in zoo consulting services is one of the best decisions you can make. At Worldwide Zoo, we aim to help our clients create the best facilities for animals in their care.

While we work closely with our partners every step of the way, maintaining a level of objectivity is also what we do best. This way, we retain perspective and will often notice details (big and small) that our clients may have missed.

It is this that makes our zoo consulting services so comprehensive. A well-managed zoo facility plays such an vital role in society: It not only educates the public about wild animals and their habitats but also participates in activities that help to conserve and protect threatened wildlife. Our services are designed to ensure that the zoo facilities we provide consulting services to can fulfil this role.

Taken into consideration the scope and magnitude of everything that a zoo can be defined as: ” An establishment where wild animals are kept for exhibition, to which members of the public have access, with or without admission charge.”

The scope of this definition means that a licensed zoo can range from ‘traditional’ urban zoos and safari parks to small specialist collections (e.g. butterfly houses and snake parks) and aquariums.

Our zoo consulting services, therefore, cover a wide scope of competencies and ensure that no detail has been overlooked. This way our clients can focus on their key objectives (e.g. providing a unique and engaging guest experience), with the full confidence that procedures to overseeing animal welfare have been put in place.

These services may include:

  • Strategic Planning: Working closely with clients to provide a dynamic organizational roadmap that details their mission, the achievable goals, and focused priorities
  • Business Planning: Helping clients to see how best to maximize their financial performance, fundraise, and grow the income needed to support the animals in their care
  • Human Resources: We are advisors, recruiters, and mentors with a host of transferable skills and zoo consulting services that we can use to help take your organization to the next level
  • Conservation Planning: Any animal facility without a comprehensive long-term plan geared towards conservation is doomed to fail
  • Feasibility Studies: Is your dream project viable and sustainable? What are the economic benefits for your community likely to be?

Zoo Consulting Services

As renowned specialists in zoo operations and management, our passion and dedication are evident in everything that we do – no task is too small. Our zoo consulting services have been specifically designed to be able to fit your needs, so get in touch and let us see what we can do for you!


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