Maricor Panizales

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Maricor Panizales

Projects Coordinator

I am a family orientated person, happy wife & proud mother, a true friend & satisfied employee.
My dream is to travel around the world. From childhood, I have always wanted to explore outside our borders and meet different people from from all walks of life.

My professional background

I am a Project Coordinator with over 10 years of administration experience within IT, Oil & Gas & Wildlife industries. Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, I started my career as a Software Engineer in the Philippines for 2 years, relocating to UAE for a career opportunity. I started my first job in UAE as a Project Assistant in 2008 for 3 years, thereafter I started with ADNOC Refining as an Office Administrator for 9 years. I joined the Worldwide Zoo Consultant team in 2020.

What I do on my spare time

Nothing gives me greater joy than spending time with my family & friends. We enjoy going to the desert, camping, and fishing. And on the rare occasion I pursue my hobby, which is playing a guitar and sketching (I’m a frustrated artist).