Happyton Mukomazi

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Happyton Mukomazi

Carnivore Keeper (ALBF)

Born in Zimbabwe, I see myself as a motivated go-getter and have a strong passion for animal conservation. I have a large family, with 6 siblings – 3 of us in animal conservation.

My professional background

I started working with animals in 2010 at Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre which has a private collection of mainly wild cats (lions, cheetahs, caracals, jaguars, siberian tigers, ocelots etc). I started as a Junior Keeper and later promoted to Senior Carnivore Keeper. Thereafter I joined Al Bustan Zoological Centre as a Canivore Head Keeper and again promoted to Junior Manager, this gave me the opportunity to oversee canivores, primates and birds. In 2019 I joined a team at Triple One Solutions as a Bird Keeper – I was approached by Worldwide Zoo Consultants to take on this amazing conservation project working in Saudi Arabia.

What I do on my spare time

During my free time I like to talk to my family since we’re so far apart, watching soccer especially if Manchester City is playing “Blue moon rising”. I also love reading animal husbandry journals.