Deon Pieterse Van Eeden

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Deon Pieterse Van Eeden

Maintenance Diver

I started working at a young age. Like most I started in the service industry but quickly move to technical and logistics industries. Here a demonstrated high aptitude for understanding and problems solving technical issues. After over 10 years in logistics and maintenance industry I decided to switch my career path to the animal industry. In 2014 I came to the UAE to work for Worldwide Zoo Consultants as maintenances diver. After my first year I was given the opportunity to be part of Worldwide Zoo Consultants start up team for the Green Planet in Dubai as an Aquarist, where I got to hone my skills. For the last 5 years I have been a member of Worldwide Zoo consultants technical team.

My professional background

I have a background in Facility Maintenance Management, assessing Health and Safety Risks / Risk Management and coordinating maintenance projects. My experience & knowledge in vehicle maintenance management, enables me to assess vehicle condition and repairs, estimate cost for repairs and coordinate the repairs of the vehicles. In addition, vehicle logistic, coordinated their delivery routes. And finally, a commercial diver, I conduct underwater maintenance and repairs. For the past 7 years I have worked in the animal care industry where I utilize the skills and techniques learned from the previous industries, to ensure the best living environment for the animal under my care.

What I do on my spare time

I enjoy kayaking, diving, snorkelling, spelunking, cliff jumping, camping or just spend a nice lazy day at the beach.