Abdul Sameer Rahiman

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Abdul Sameer Rahiman

Animal Trainer

Originally from India, I am 32 years with an 8-month baby boy. My wife and baby have just moved to Al Ain to join me.

My professional background

Working for Worldwide Zoo Consultant since 2012 with various projects. I started working with marine mammals in Abu Dhabi and recently transferred to Al Ain Zoo project where the company has been involved creating a Cheetah Run. On this project, I have been also working with species like white tiger, lions, gorillas, chimpanzees, penguins, and much more. I am enjoying training animals but also teaching keepers of Al Ain Zoo the principles of animal training and specifically the importance of positive reinforcement.

What I do on my spare time

I enjoy spending time with my family, we go to the local parks, exploring the city of Al Ain & surrounds.