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    Project Creation, Master planning & Concept Design

    This service involves working closely with our clients to create and conceptualize unique and amazing animal projects. We take into consideration the needs of the client, the welfare of the animals, the guest experience, and the sustainability of the project. This service is provided in two approaches, which demonstrate the flexibility of our company.

    Architectural Design & Design Consulting

    This service is provided in two approaches, which demonstrate the flexibility of our company. The first approach is for the client to work with our architects, which is the preferred approach. The second approach is to work with the client’s nominated architect, and both approaches provide a well-established and comprehensive architectural design. As our company is one of the leaders in operations and management, World Zoo Consultants understand the importance of functionality and implements this knowledge and experience in the design development process. We provide schematic design, detailed design, tender stage support and construction questions and answers.

    Construction Supervision, Project Management & Pre-opening Setup

    In this service, we benefit from our experience working in animal care to ensure the safety of animals and their care from all sides, as well as human safety, within the best practices and industrial standards. We monitor construction to ensure it matches design drawings, and raise any NCRs when needed. After completion, this service covers specialization in purchasing veterinary equipment, animals’ acquisition, setting the opening day, and transitioning from this stage to operations.

    Operations & Management

    Worldwide Zoo Consultants is a member of several prestigious international zoo and aquarium accreditation organizations; we participate in animal care in an outstanding way and follow the best modern practices. We have a team of specialists with over a century of combined experience that is being used to provide world-class animal care. We have also
    developed a comprehensive, fast-paced training program to develop keepers and trainers.
    This covers facility accreditation, standard operating procedures and protocols, staff and animal training, veterinary care, and more



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