Miklos Mark Gonczi

Miklos Mark Gonczi

Project Manager

I was born in Budapest Hungary; from a young age I felt committed to protecting animal rights. I am a natural-born animal lover, and I could never accept that animals having fewer rights than humans, so I dedicated my entire life to try to get the balance right.

My professional background:

When I was 12 years old, I started as a junior volunteer in the Budapest Zoo, I moved through all the levels from Animal Keeper to Animal Curator until the position of Head Curator. I spent several years on nonprofit animal rescue and rehabilitation – working mostly with primates, crocodiles and venomous snakes, from all over the world.

Currently, I am working as a Project Manager, providing me a wider vision of this amazing industry, and gaining more valuable experience every day.

What I do on my spare time:

From my mom’s side, my family has an artistic background, so I inherited a huge sense of creativity and expressionism apart of the need of the creation. I love creating culinary arts using superfoods & organic products. In addition to my passion for animals and creativity, I enjoy regular exercise and traveling to exotic places & leading expeditions. I believe that is the perfect combination of the healthy and humble lifestyle living in symbiosis with nature expressing an artistic way.