Igor Ivlev

Igor Ivlev

Animal Trainer

I was born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. From an early age I became interested in nature and wildlife. Hence I studied natural sciences in the university and biology in particular. I am passionate and about and working with animals.

My professional background:

I started volunteering in Batumi Dolphinarium, Georgia back in 2010. After nearly eight months I got hired as an Assistant Animal Trainer. After completing two years I got offered a position with Worldwide Zoo Consultants in UAE. It was an easy decision for me to leave home and move overseas to continue learning, expanding my knowledge and skills. I am really glad I took the opportunity and now Worldwide Zoo Consultants has been my workplace for more than nine years.

What I do on my spare time:

I enjoy travelling, visiting new places, exploring & experiencing new cultures. I love photography, listening to the music, watching movies and playing video games.