Gianne Montelibano

Gianne Montelibano

Assistant Animal Trainer

I am an island girl and was brought up in a small friendly town. My parents taught me to work hard and to live with values. I’ve always had enthusiasm working with animals, even as a kid I used to care for small animals on our farm. I am outgoing, dedicated & sincere.

My professional background:

I have volunteered in various animal rescues and shelters. Pursued my professional career in animal training mainly with Cetaceans and Terrestrial animals since 2013 in Ocean Adventure Philippines. On receiving a wonderful opportunity, I relocated to Dubai and worked as a Penguin Trainer for Dubai Aquarium. I am incredibly proud and thankful to be part of Worldwide Zoo Consultants.

What I do on my spare time:

I enjoy all types of water-sport activity, I am especially keen on surfer, wakeboarding, and rock climbing. Camping, hiking, and exploring new sights and experiences.