Georgina Elizabeth Cox

Georgina Elizabeth Cox

Assistant Animal Trainer

I have always had an affinity to animals since I could walk and talk. Throughout my whole life I always found myself surrounded by different creatures and eagerly waiting for my mum to take me to the zoo or to a museum on the weekends. Because of this I see myself as a curious and determined individual who is very engaged with our planet and all living things. My main interests now are the behaviour and cognitive capabilities of marine mammal species.

My professional background:

Prior to starting with Worldwide Zoo Consultants, I spent a total of three years volunteering in various zoos, a reintroduction project and animal outreach programmes. I have completed multiple internships in England with seals and sea lions as well as one in Malta with dolphins. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoological Management and Conservation meaning my expertise spans across all taxonomic groups in terms of their behaviour, exhibit and enrichment design, nutrition as well as conservation methods to protect them in the wild.

What I do on my spare time:

I am a keen photographer and enjoy snapping shots of animals and landscapes. Writing, gaming and dance are also some other favourite hobbies of mine. I also have a certificate in beginners paleobiology from the University of Alberta.