Frederik Benade

Frederik Benade

Assistant Conservation Manager (ALBF)

I grew up in South Africa spending most of my time outside fascinated by animals. My father has an intrinsic love for all animals, so our house resembled somewhat of a zoo. Every day would be filled with small chores, but didn’t feel like it, for in that short time I had the opportunity to bond with each animal and I understood that they were much more than just living organisms. Humans were put on earth to rule over animals but in some strange way I have always thought that they are the best teachers around. Teaching us about compassion, love, teamwork, and the brutal reality that your life and your decisions are in your own hands.

My professional background:

Before starting with Worldwide Zoo Consultants, I worked as an Environmental Consultant. Assigned to the rehabilitation projects along withensuring environment legitimacy of various other construction projects. Additionally, I have experience with priority species monitoring on Manyoni Private Game Reserve for Wildlife ACT. Daily inspections of priority species focusing on African painted wolves but including lions, elephants, black and white rhinos, cheetahs and buffalo to name a few. And running the research camp including all assets and financial spending.

What I do on my spare time:

Secret Cryptocurrency trader. When I am not working or in the field you will most likely find me behind a computer or doing exercise.