Charlotte Amy Raven

Charlotte Amy Raven

Animal Trainer

The reason I got into this field of work was due to my interest in animal cognition and the passion I have for how that links to animal training. I am from Portsmouth, England and would regularly visit local zoological facilities and aquariums growing up which fed my desire to work in a similar setting. In addition as a family we would travel to many different places particularly with a marine focus to allow me to delve into the deep oceanic world with snorkelling which led to my affection for marine life and began my path to conserve it also.

My professional background:

I have been a marine mammal trainer for nearly 7 years with a focus on Dolphins and Sea Lions. I am a highly focused trainer with great ambition to do the best for the animals I work with along with my team members also. I dedicate a lot of my time to training husbandry behaviours as I find them the most interesting and rewarding to train. Prior to working for Worldwide Zoo Consultants, I lived in a few other countries where I gained invaluable experience from great facilities under great directors and use all of my knowledge in a variety of training scenarios.

What I do on my spare time:

In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym, watching my favourite series, crafting, baking and hanging out at the beach or pool. I also like to expand my current knowledge on new and creative techniques being used in the training industry.