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Zoo Consulting Services

Zoo Consulting Services

Depending on what your requirements, capabilities, and experiences are; engaging in zoo consulting services is one of the best decisions you can make. At Worldwide Zoo, we aim to help our clients create the best facilities for animals in their care.

While we work closely with our partners every step of the way, maintaining a level of objectivity is also what we do best. This way, we retain perspective and will often notice details (big and small) that our clients may have missed.

It is this that makes our zoo consulting services so comprehensive. A well-managed zoo facility plays such an vital role in society: It not only educates the public about wild animals and their habitats but also participates in activities that help to conserve and protect threatened wildlife. Our services are designed to ensure that the zoo facilities we provide consulting services to can fulfil this role.

Taken into consideration the scope and magnitude of everything that a zoo can be defined as: ” An establishment where wild animals are kept for exhibition, to which members of the public have access, with or without admission charge.”

The scope of this definition means that a licensed zoo can range from ‘traditional’ urban zoos and safari parks to small specialist collections (e.g. butterfly houses and snake parks) and aquariums.

Our zoo consulting services, therefore, cover a wide scope of competencies and ensure that no detail has been overlooked. This way our clients can focus on their key objectives (e.g. providing a unique and engaging guest experience), with the full confidence that procedures to overseeing animal welfare have been put in place.

These services may include:

  • Strategic Planning: Working closely with clients to provide a dynamic organizational roadmap that details their mission, the achievable goals, and focused priorities
  • Business Planning: Helping clients to see how best to maximize their financial performance, fundraise, and grow the income needed to support the animals in their care
  • Human Resources: We are advisors, recruiters, and mentors with a host of transferable skills and zoo consulting services that we can use to help take your organization to the next level
  • Conservation Planning: Any animal facility without a comprehensive long-term plan geared towards conservation is doomed to fail
  • Feasibility Studies: Is your dream project viable and sustainable? What are the economic benefits for your community likely to be?

Zoo Consulting Services

As renowned specialists in zoo operations and management, our passion and dedication are evident in everything that we do – no task is too small. Our zoo consulting services have been specifically designed to be able to fit your needs, so get in touch and let us see what we can do for you!

zoo consultant

Zoo Management Company

Zoo Management Company

At Worldwide Zoo, we specialize in helping the clients and organizations that we work with to create and develop world-class facilities. This includes public attractions, wildlife conservation projects, and designing aquariums. As a zoo management company, our mission is to be the voice of the animals that we care for and ensure that their well-being always takes centre stage.

Our success as a zoo management company and consultants comes from the importance we place on strategic planning. This is the stage where we help our partners to chart their future by providing them with an opportunity to clarify their fundamental mission/purpose.

By doing so, we ensure that it’s aligned with our own, and we’re able to move forward with a shared understanding of what we’re setting out to accomplish. The basic steps during this process include:

  • Assessing what the current state of our clients/partners is (i.e. where are they now).
  • Identifying the human (animal trainers, vets), physical (animal housing facilities), and available capital resources.
  • Creating a vision on where our clients should be positioned in the future.
  • Formulating a detailed plan on how we will help our clients achieve that vision.
  • Putting systems in place to monitor and evaluate progress.
  • Revising and updating the strategic plan regularly to ensure it stays appropriate and relevant.

Helping clients to overcome challenges is what we do best, hence the time we spend on strategic planning. By working with a zoo management company such as us, clients can rest assured that they can benefit from our wealth of experience when it comes to facing obstacles.

For example, one common challenge that tends to arise is finding balance: How to run the facility as a tourism business or educational/research facility while also generating the finances needed to cover the numerous expenses required for best-practice animal welfare?

Working with a zoo management company can certainly provide solutions to challenges such as these. Namely because our services are both comprehensive and bespoke (tailor-made to suit clients’ needs):

  • We plan, direct, evaluate, and coordinate zoo operations
  • We supervise and help to train staff in the ethical care and responsible handling of animals
  • We relay information and implement procedures related to animal care and collection
  • We supervise the maintenance of facilities
  • We ensure compliance with laws relevant to both national and international requirements.

Zoo Management Company

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a zoo management company, we’re here to serve your needs. Feel free to get in touch with any of our customer care personnel, and let’s see how best we can bring your vision to life.

zoo consultant

Best Zoo advisors

Zoo advisors

Zoo advisors are an integral part of everything that a zoo management company does. At Worldwide Zoo, we don’t see animal facilities as just a place where people can go to look at both land and marine animals: We see animals as ambassadors for their species because they teach visitors about the unique and amazing qualities of wildlife and in so doing, motivate visitors to want to take action to protect the same species in the wild. 

Scientists have predicted that we may be entering into the sixth mass extinction, with the Living Planet Report 2016 ( published by the World Wide Fund For Nature – WWF) backing their estimation: As many as 30-50% of all species could go extinct by 2050 due to threats such as habitat loss, the clearing of land for agriculture, the illegal wildlife trade, and the killing of animals for bushmeat. 

Eye-opening statistics such as these make the importance of zoo advisors all the more relevant: By partnering with facilities that are planning or already to house animals and engage the public with wildlife, we can ensure that the commitment to conservation and education is maintained. The importance of the impact that this commitment can have is impossible to ignore:

“There is a building foundation of science about people and animal interactions demonstrating that coming face-to-face with a live animal, being able to touch, smell or watch a live animal creates an emotional or visceral response that can be measured: A more powerful response than created from movies, the classroom or videos.” ( Bill Ziegler, WAZA News, March 2017, The Relevancy of a Zoo or Aquarium visit, Results of Surveys of Guests at the Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo, Geneva, Switzerland).

If, like us, you’re motivated by conservation and looking to advance your mission, increase your impact, and grow sustainably, get in touch! Our zoo advisors guide you on the way forward on everything from strategic planning and business development to program assessment and feasibility studies.

We can work together to play a significant role in the happiness, health, and freedom of all animals. Both for people who may never have the time/finances to see animals in the wild, but also for future generations who may never get to see them at all. 

As one of the best Zoo advisors, Worldwide Zoo is your best choice
In the world, we provide you with the best zoo consulting services and Aquarium management.

zoo consultant

Best Zoo Operator

Zoo Operator

Having a team of expert landscape architects and botanists is crucial to ensuring that each animal species is housed in its natural environment. Zebra and Giraffes live in a completely different habitat and climate to Panda Bears and Golden Monkeys – as zoo operators, we ensure that these differences are accommodated to each species.

For these reasons and many others, we are a one-stop-shop for those looking for world-class zoo operators to form the backbone of their organizational, business, or project structure. 

As global trends are shifting stronger towards ‘conscious consumption’ there is increasing pressure on zoos, aquariums, and wildlife parks to prove that animals are not being exploited or harmed. We have become a leading consultancy worldwide because we are able to effectively communicate the importance of wildlife conservation in such a way that doesn’t prevent the general public from appreciating it either. 

Another reason is that we help to put practices in place (such as accreditation, guidelines, and policies) to ensure transparency and a free flow of communication. 

Best Zoo Operators in the world

As zoo operators and educators, we are proud to play a critical role in helping institutions that are similarly motivated by preserving the planet, saving species that are on the brink of extinction (through rehabilitation programs and habitat recovery), and educating people about different ecosystems and the important role they play to maintain a healthy planet.

In fact, once you start to take a closer look into the scope of what Worldwide Zoo Consultants are involved in, you will quickly realize how essential it is to choose a company that really understands what it takes to manage an ethical and impactful zoo.

For example, a team of landscape and gardening experts is crucial to making sure that each animal species is housed in its natural environment. Zebra and giraffes live in a completely different habitat and climate to panda bears and golden monkeys – zoo operators ensure that these differences are accommodated for. 

Ultimately – and more importantly – this leads to happier animals that are able to enjoy a better quality of life. This in turn, leads to visitors and investors who are willing to give their support as the positive impact that is being made – and the important role that it plays – is clear for all to see. 

Naturally, world-class zoo operators come with a wealth of experience and expertise. We are constantly educating ourselves – and our clients – about how to make better-informed choices, as we understand that each zoo and/or aquarium that we work with have the best interests of the species in mind. As animals in the wild, as well as Nature itself, are constantly adapting to changes in their environment, so too do we. 

Our team of professional zoo operators and experts cover all bases from animal welfare and habitat management; to guest relations, marketing and HR. We take pride in being ahead of the game, which for our clients, means that we provide solutions before there is a problem and that every aspect of what happens behind the scenes is well-taken take off…Allowing our clients to take center stage and shine!