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Join the team of WZC in Egypt!

Worldwide Zoo Consultants are a growing company dedicated to designing, developing and managing zoological facilities around the world. Our teams are made up of animal care specialists, animal trainers, veterinarians, project managers and zoo consultants from all backgrounds. All working to provide paramount animal welfare and unique educational opportunities for guests through a variety of animal attractions and programs.

Worldwide Zoo Consultants has been awarded management consultancy for the Giza Zoo, including the oversight of all aspects related to the prescribed scope of work. As a part of this endeavor, we are thrilled to collaborate closely with our esteemed local partners. The pivotal position of Zoo Veterinarian will be based in Egypt, serving as a dedicated representative of our team and working in seamless harmony with the local Management team. Together, we aim to ensure the success and flourishing of Giza Zoo, bringing our expertise and passion for wildlife to create an unparalleled experience for visitors and animals alike.

The veterinarian will work with our diverse collection of birds and mammals.   Your primary responsibilities will include veterinary care, staff training, veterinary operations in the zoo, well-being and management of all animals in the facility’s exhibits; training of current staff within the Veterinary Department.

  • Compliance with health and safety standards in accordance with local rules, regulations and facility Standard operating procedures.
  • Manage, support and supervise all staff within a designated animal section within the zoological department to ensure highest level of safety, courtesy, education, efficiency and operational readiness at all times.
  • Manage Veterinary Department and Supervise staff in the veterinary department or engaged in veterinary care of zoo animals
  • Conduct performance reviews with team and provide training and on-the-job support where required
  • Ensure that animal health policies of the Veterinary Department are adhered to by all personnel.
  • Manage staff in the delivery of their respective job role, providing oral and written direction.
  • Perform veterinary medical procedures on animals and supervise other staff involved in the performance of these procedures, perform surgery and prescribe medication, or delegate the role to other appropriate staff.
  • Ensure that sufficient medicines are on site, they are stock checked and under secure conditions.
  • Perform or supervise the performance of diagnostic tests and procedures, perform necropsies.
  • Communicate effectively with the Zoo Director, Head Curator, animal curators and other staff regarding health and preventive medicine programs for the animals.
  • Certify the health of animals on official health certificates prior to shipment & authorize the removal of animals from quarantine.
  • Ensure compliance with national and local regulations regarding animal health and safety.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience working as a veterinary with wildlife.
  • Accredited college or university degree required in Veterinary Medicine.
  • Currently a practicing veterinary.
  • Must have knowledge of up to date veterinary techniques, practices, procedures, equipment and instruments.
  • Must have excellent knowledge of exotic animal medicine.
  • Must have knowledge of X-ray practices, procedures and regulations.
  • Must have knowledge of countrywide and local regulations as they relate to veterinary medicine and the maintenance of wild animals in captivity.
  • Must have knowledge of animal nutrition.
  • Must have ability to diagnose, treat, prescribe for and medicate zoo animals.
  • Must have ability to prepare & maintain accurate veterinary records.
  • Must have ability to recognize abnormal behavior or symptoms of illness in animals.

Why Worldwide Zoo Consultants (WZC)?:

At WZC, we are renowned for our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier service and expertise to our clients. Drawing upon our extensive experience and strong affiliations with globally esteemed zoological organizations such as WAZA, AZA, EAZA, and ZAA, we bring unparalleled knowledge and passion to every project.

About Worldwide Zoo Consultants (WZC):

Worldwide Zoo Consultants is a global leader specializing in the creation, development, and management of a wide spectrum of specialized animal facilities and projects. Our portfolio spans from the design and management of zoological parks, public aquariums, and animal sanctuaries to the curation of living museums and the establishment of immersive, animal-based educational centers.

Join us in this exciting opportunity to contribute to the management and operations of a world-class animal facility in the heart of Saudi Arabia.

Please send a one-page cover letter with your resume to recruitment@worldwidezoo.com with the position you are applying for in the subject line.

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