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Worldwide Zoo Consultants in India is a zoo management firm that offers zoo consulting services in India to help manage and administer zoos around the country. This company provides a variety of zoo consulting services in India, such as animal care and welfare, tourist experience enhancement, infrastructure construction, and conservation efforts. Usually, the Worldwide Zoo Consultants collaborates closely with the Indian government to ensure that regulatory needs and standards are met. Currently, Worldwide Zoo Consultants provides premier zoo consulting services in India, dedicated to improving all aspects of zoo design, animal conservation, and care.

The Worldwide Zoo Consultants (WZC) team of professionals, which was recently launched in India, has been delivering complete solutions for zoos and wildlife parks in India and beyond. The company aims to support high standards of animal welfare, conservation, welfare education, research, and development to create a more sustainable future for zoo animals and their environment. 

Based on extensive expertise, good international relationships, and demonstrated project management abilities, Worldwide Zoo Consultants delivers and mediates a wide variety of zoo consulting services in India for zoos and comparable organizations. Its organizational structure is constantly evolving to tailor new projects and teams to each client’s needs. 

What are the Zoo Consulting Services that Worldwide Zoo Consultants offer in India?

1: Project Management, Master Planning, and Concept Design

2: Architectural Design and Consulting

3: Supervision of Construction, Project Management, and Pre-Opening Setup

4: Management and Operations

Why Should You Trust Worldwide Zoo Consultants?

Worldwide Zoo Consultants strives to assist all clients in creating the best facilities for the animals in their care. While they keep on collaborating closely with their partners at all times, they also excel at retaining impartiality, which allows them to maintain perspective and frequently discover further details the clients may have overlooked. 

This is what distinguishes their zoo consulting services in India. All the services intend to ensure that the zoo facilities to which they provide consulting services can fulfill their needs. Moreover, Worldwide Zoo Consultants designs, builds, operates, and manages zoos and aquariums that are as natural, spacious, and ethically centered as possible to continually prioritize the animals while simultaneously providing a secure environment for humans to engage with them.

Simply, the Worldwide Zoo Consultants team works to raise awareness about the need for ethical animal conservation and animal rights to make the world a better place for everyone.

How Are We Different?

You require a partner rather than raw data! We believe in teamwork and a more efficient procedure. Our extensive knowledge is complemented by our own research platform and a carefully vetted network of suppliers. This means we collaborate with you and focus on what is important – asking the correct questions and providing meaningful research.

Worldwide Zoo Consultants, based in the United Arab Emirates, was founded in 2011 and is a global leader in the design, construction, and management of a wide range of specialized animal facilities, attractions, and projects, including zoological parks, public aquariums, animal sanctuaries, living museums, and immersive animal-based educational centers.

With two locations, in the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, Worldwide Zoo Consultants works globally to provide a wide range of specialized zoo consulting services in India & UAE to zoos and aquariums at all phases of growth. The main goal of this company is to create, build, and operate zoos, aquariums, and other animal living museums that constantly prioritize animal well-being, safety, and success.

What is the Importance of Zoos?

Zoos play a big role in conservation and education around the world. Moreover, zoos are very essential to protecting endangered species that may go extinct but are getting proper care in zoos. These were the main reasons behind Worldwide Zoo Consultants’ excellent services. They worked on different projects, from zoological parks like Unity Park Zoo and Doha Safari Park in Qatar and public aquariums to wildlife rehabilitation centers like Al Ain Zoo Expansion and private collections. 

Team of Experts

Worldwide Zoo Consultants has the best team of experts and the best minds in their fields. Every single member has a good track record of rendering zoo consultancy services in India and other countries to prepare designs for various zoo enclosures around the world. 

Some of the Projects Achieved by Worldwide Zoo Consultants

Arbor School Biodomes

Worldwide Zoo Consultants undertook the Arbor School Biodomes Project in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Royal Commission for AlUla

The Royal Commission for AlUla is a Saudi Commission that was formed in July 2017. Its mission is to conserve and promote AlUla, one of the oldest cities in the Arabian Peninsula 1, into a world-class vacation destination rooted in its rich history, cultural legacy, and natural environment.

Unity Park Zoo – Ethiopia    

Unity Park is an amusement park in Addis Abeba’s Arat Kilo Area within the National Palace ground. It was established in October 2019 by Worldwide Zoo Consultants, which offered full turnkey solution services, from scratch; in addition to design review, construction supervision, 

commissioning, operations, and management services of the facility.

The Worldwide Zoo Consultants team is here to help you and provide you with zoo consulting services in India. Visit their website at, or you can send an email to, or contact them on this number: +971 2 546 2455.


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